The Wellness Space

Hotel Joseph - Via Roma, 323 (LU) 55044 Marina di Pietrasanta

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The Hotel Joseph provides its guests with a comfortable and dressy wellness center, for those who wants to keep a good psycho-physical shape even during the stay in our hotel.

Beauty Center Prices List


Treatment Time Price
Legs and groin n.a. 28,00
Legs n.a. 20,00
Groin n.a. 8,00
Armpits n.a. 6,00
1/2 leg n.a. 15,00
Arms n.a. 15,00
Face (moustache + eyebrowns) n.a. 8,00
Abdomen/back n.a. 15,00


Treatment Time Price
Manicure n.a. 15,00
Hands treatment (peeling + mask) n.a. 20,00
Reconstruction n.a. 60,00
Gel n.a. 40,00
Refill n.a. 25,00


Treatment Time Price
Aesthetic pedicure n.a. 20,00
Curative pedicure n.a. 25,00
Feet gel n.a. 25,00


Treatment Time Price
Facial n.a. 35,00
Specific treatment ( moisturizing for dry/sensitive skins, lifting for a stretching effect) n.a. 40,00
Glycolic acid (anti acne/ aging peeling ) n.a. 40,00
Relaxing facial massage (stone face, brushes, little warm bags) n.a. 20,00

With Jacuzzi

Treatment Time Price
Cleopatra bath 30' 20,00
Dead sea bath 30' 20,00
Relaxing bath (with essential oils) 30' 20,00

Wellness Center Prices List


Treatment Time Price
Mediterranean peeling 45' 40,00
Moisturizing body mask/pack 40' 25,00
Mud Therapy 40' 25,00
Total massage (Lymphatic drainage massage, toning massage, reducing massage, stress free massage) 1 h 45,00
Partial Massage (relaxing and muscle relaxing therapy massage with warm stones) 30'/40' 28,00
Stone massage (relaxing and muscle relaxing therapy massage with warm stones) 1 h 60,00
Chocolate treatment (4 phases) 1 h 30' 60,00
“dreaming spa” treatment, inspired by Polynesia 4 emotions (peeling, relax, mask and final massage) n.a. 70,00
Indocéane treatment (Europe, Africa and Asia) 1 h 30' 60,00


Treatment Time Price
Abyanga (total oil treatment with warm oil) 1 h 50,00
Rupapada (Ayurvedic Feet treatment) 30'/40' 20,00
Nao (Ayurvedic massage with warm little bags) 1 h 50,00
Ubtain peeling (ayurvedic peeling with medical hersl and flours) 40' 40,00
Light Ayurveda Massage 1 h 50,00
Tauruni massage (ideal for pregnant women) 1 h 50,00
Candle massage (with Karité butter candle) 1 h 45,00
Relazing Massage with wood sticks (light massage done with the help of special wood sticks) 40' 30,00

Photo - Wellness area

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